Choose your candidate!
Politics are fun!

ob3.jpgIn the game OBAMA vs. ROMNEY you need to nominate a candidate for president, to elect a president i.e. to vote in general elections in the Game Center. The rules of the game are simple, but require prudence and keenness of wit, not everyone can reach his goal: according to statistics, only 20% of people in the world are able to bring their candidate to the Presidential chair!

Are you one of the 20%? We'll see!
This game is very different to any other in politics world.
When I first downloaded it I thought that it would be
one of those fake games of fight between Romney and Obama but it wasn't.
Very good game. Go on Republicans!!!
ob2.jpg Obama or Romney - you choose who is more worthy of the presidency. Or maybe something in the country should be changed drastically? Then your choice is Occupants: let the media set them as ridiculous fools, or even freaks, in fact they have power, because they are 99%. Or maybe you or your friends should try your- or themselves in the role of the president - everything is possible!

The choice is yours! Go ahead!