Life of a tramp – survive!

This game about a tramp has become a hit on the Russian App Store!


Megatramp is a game about surviving at rock bottom and striving to climb back to the top. Each action in the game is equal to one in-game day. The goal is to survive for as long as possible and achieve success.

Players can dress their tramp, improve his living conditions, live it up in nightclubs and paint the town red, fight and steal, and later even do business, get married and play the stock market.

Megatramp: A Success Story, with its plot built on the personal development of its main character, became a leading free app for the iPhone and iPad in Russia. Data covering the period between October 27 and November 2 and presented to by the Russian division of Apple confirms this., November 7, 2014
картинки_3.pngThere are over 150 actions in the game, each of which can cause one of over 60 events which significantly affect the character's development. The game includes the ability to create your own garbage heaps on a real map of the world, where players can develop their own garbage heaps and invade those of other players.

The game includes an asynchronous PvP mode, in which players can throw bottles, dogs and other amusing items at each other. The game is updated regularly and new content and in-game abilities are constantly being added.