Form gangs, attack the cops!
Another great time killer: it's totally captivating!

m3.jpgMAFIA vs. POLICE is an enthralling puzzle game where you decide whether to evolve the Mafia or develop the Police's authority. Become the Godfather or the Attorney General or maybe even somebody higher! Plan your every move carefully; who wins and who ends up ruling the town depends on it.

Where there's big money, there are always those who want to get it.
The criminal world always wants to control all the money and the Police constantly opposes it. Who will win, the Mafia or the Police? It all depends on you. Thugs unite into gangs and launder their dirty money through bars and casinos. The police and the FBI oppose them and send them to prison. But real business is decided at the very top, between the Clan Leaders and Godfathers, between the Police Chiefs and Ministers! Support the unity of the Mafia or help expand the influence of the Police. Be careful not to lose control of the situation!
Gooooood!!! It took some time to figure out the game,
but once I got the hang of it, I couldn't stop playing!!!
This is an awesome game! Thank you to the developers :)
m2.jpgAll you need to play is your finger and some gumption! Combine characters into blocks of three to get new heroes. Get monetary rewards for successful moves and buy the figures you're missing. The harder it is to get a figurine, the more valuable the bonus you get for obtaining it.

You can just pass the time for a few minutes or immerse yourself in the game for several hours or days to find out who stands behind the Godfather or the President.