Everyone loves beautiful girls!
Pretty tough but once You got the hang of it - it's fine!

Do you want to feel like a clever and bold plunderer of jewelry? Commit the robbery of the century together with the redheaded beauty Lady Runner!

In this game, you can:
Get mountains of gold bars, jewels and even diamond lavatory pans!

  • Defeat enemies!
  • Crack safes like seeds!
  • Introduce guards to your tazer!
  • Rob the biggest drug baron!

Lady Runner is an exciting game about the adventures of a charming and daring young treasure plunderer. Armed with your trusty pick and your resourcefulness, you will start as a simple petty thief prowling through warehouses and stores and work your way up to a professional who robs banks and casinos.
Well done! Good old Lode Runner. Thanks for the memories and the fun game.
I'd like to see this app developed further.
Each location is getting more difficult with various traps, alarm systems, obstacles and so on… But be careful – the guards are keeping a watchful eye out. You won't be able to carry off gold with impunity, so you'll have to keep your wits about you to avoid getting caught with your loot.

Each player can select the type of controls he or she prefers. Outwit the guards, evade chases, collect precious gems and get monetary rewards to spend on weapons, tools and new costumes. You can complete each level multiple times, inventing interesting ways to beat it and competing with your friends.