Four pictures with one word!

The game kicks ass: very simple and entertaining!

Баннер_Угадай_слово_4.pngGuess a Word is a modern and painstakingly assembled collection of puzzles. All the puzzles are designed according to the following principle: the player is presented with a picture – a clue – along with three other pictures that can be unlocked for coins, and empty cells to enter a word. The player must determine which word fits judging by the pictures and the number of empty cells.

Each successfully guessed word earns you coins, and the faster you guess, the more coins you get. You can then spend the coins on various hints. If you run out of coins and you still can't guess, you can buy more coins or ask for help from friends.
Great game!!! Strains your brain – particularly useful for kids!
Sukhan 1987
The game was developed individually for all countries, and as of this time it has been successfully released in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, the USA, Australia, Russia, Japan, China and South Korea, resulting in over 4,500 levels in total.