Spend money from an infinite!

Just amazing! A lot better than Cookie Clicker!


The game is simple as milk: by spending money from an infinite wad of cash, the player gets even richer.

To earn more money, you must spend what you have to buy various businesses, bribe the authorities and grow your assets.

The game has been localized in English, Italian, German, French and Russian. Each localized version uses the cash of its own country and businesses, characters and themes to suit that country.

Awesome game! I'd recommend it to anyone,
especially since there's a contest on now for real prizes :)
mini4.jpgThe dough denomination steadily increases, from the smallest denominations to the very largest, as the player progresses.

The game includes a unique contest mode developed using our service [contest SDK], which allows all players to compete for the title of the biggest spender and win real prizes!