Delicious candies!
Awesome! People really like it.

Candy Combo Online is a new match-3 game which focuses on asynchronous multiplayer Баннер_Candy_Combo_1.pngcontests with other players. Two players bet in-game coins and compete with each other – they have three two-minute rounds to collect the maximum number of points by combining the caramel digits. The one who gets the most points takes the entire pot!
Cool! Damn, this game is just awesome, it kept me interested for a good while, it's a really good game I recommend it to everyone!!!
Баннер_Candy_Combo_2.pngThere are many ways to influence your score in the game – the special Joker candies, in addition to the ability to combine any figures and their colourful effects, have special properties. Jokers are purchased with jam which is gained for quickly combining the candies in play.