Battle Roads is a unique game!

In a nutshell – grow, fight and steal from thieves!


Battle Roads combines all the best characteristics of other already-released games and brings new special opportunities to the table.

The plot of Battle Roads unfolds in a fantasy world where players fight with a clan of wicked orcs and with each other for the right to be called the best. Players have a large selection of units at their disposal: elves on battle horses, goblins on huge birds, dragons, ghosts and many other magical creatures.

The ability to form battle squadrons just as the player wants to provides a means to win skirmishes in just four taps. At the same time, magic spells add some variety to the offensive tactics available in the game.

A key element of Battle Roads is the ability to build up your empire – you have to build and improve your own city. You can use the in-game map to keep track of enemy captured cities, collect tribute from them, and you can also play through a single-player campaign.

Big props to the team!
I thought this was just another clone, but it really is something new!
m3.jpgThe game contains several resources. The player begins with access to rainbow elixir and gold, but meteorite ore appears later on in the game. To play effectively, you have to ensure that you gain resources equally, since each of them has its own application.

The game already has a functioning social feature – you can create or join guilds and there is a chat, so you can easily play with friends or make new acquaintances.There is an implemented and working leaderboard system for players and guilds.

If you have an account on Facebook, you can also invite your friends to the game and fight alongside them in the same alliance.