• Battle Roads is a unique game which combines several genres into one!
  • An extreme tramp simulator!
    Live the life of a tramp – survive, save money and try to rise above the crowd!
  • You're going to have to remember all your favourite films to prove that you're a film expert!
  • Spend money, buy businesses, bribe the authorities and don't look back – feel like a millionaire!
  • Have hours of fun with those strikingly colorful candies and engage in battles with your friends!
  • Four pictures with one word in common. Which is it? That's what you have to guess!
  • Everyone loves beautiful girls, and all beautiful girls love gold and diamonds!
  • Form gangs, attack the cops and build up your own criminal empire just with one finger move!
  • The US presidential election of 2012 is more intriguing now! Choose your candidate and help him take power!
  • Slots - Lucky Play is a real explosion of positive emotion on your device, with new and beautiful slot machines!